Minority report

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 · it would be a tragedy if the report has a minority section. Cast/credits plus additional information about the film. 10 years after the end of precrime in washington dc one of the three precogs attempts to lead on a normal life while still suffering from visions of the future.  · transcendental productions: the earth is raising it's spiritual frequency, i suggest you do you have freewill use it the metaphysics in this movie is. Peter thiel’s cia-backed, data-mining firm honed its ‘crime predicting’ techniques against insurgents in iraq the same methods are now being sold to police.

Minority report is a 2002 american neo-noir science fiction film directed by steven spielberg and loosely based on the short story of the same name by philip k dick.

Based on a short story by the late philip k dick, this science fiction-thriller reflects the writer's familiar preoccupation with themes of concealed identity and.

  • Minority report is about a cop in the future working in a division of the police department that arrests killers before they commit the crimes courtesy of some future.

Amazoncom: minority report (widescreen two-disc special edition): colin farrell, arye gross, jessica harper, patrick kilpatrick, caroline lagerfelt, neal mcdonough.

Minority report
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